Not Extinct: Keeping the Sinixt Way (Living eBook)


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About the Authors

Marilyn James

Marilyn James was the Spokesperson for the Sinixt Nation in the Canadian portion of her people’s traditional territory for over 25 years. She continues to be active as an elder in the responsibility of upholding Sinixt protocols and laws in the Sinixt təmxʷúlaʔxʷ under Sinixt smum iem law. She holds a Masters of Education from Simon Fraser University and has developed aboriginal curriculum currently being used in four BC School Districts and on the provincial web platform. Marilyn is an accomplished Storyteller in the Sinixt tradition and has told stories to a wide variety of audiences. She is an ardent advocate for human responsibilities toward land and water and is a mother and grandmother.

Taress Alexis

Taress Alexis is a Sinixt mother of two young children who has worked as an Aboriginal Education Support Worker and Teaching Consultant in three BC School Districts where she delivered culturally appropriate materials to school-aged children using Storytelling and crafts. She has also been an active Storyteller at the Kootenay Storytelling Festival since 2006 and works with community members in other contexts to enhance cultural sensitivity towards the First Nations Community. She is currently working on expanding her repertoire of original and traditional Sinixt and other First Nation stories for children and general audiences

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