About Maa Press

Maa Press began in 2005 as a small book publisher of “radically and regionally reliable books about the Columbia Mountains.” In the past 5 years, we have focused on catalyzing awareness and creating materials about the Sinixt People, in whose tum xúlaʔxʷ (territory) the press is based.

In 2020, we started offering book distribution services to authors in the Columbia Basin region. We have seven titles in print and distribute several other titles, with a particular interest in books that allow people to learn about our region at the headwaters of the Columbia River.

We are now a self-supporting, independent company with a staff of two. We do this work because we believe in the value of local and the need to showcase our talents and regional human and ecological knowledge.

Maa Press works closely with the Autonomous Sinixt, the custodians of the traditional, ancestral, and unceded territory where our business is located. We pay respect to their history, traditions, laws and ongoing lifeways and are committed to accountability, respectful relations, and friendship.