Lost Between the Stones and the Sea: A Journey of Discovery in Ireland


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For many, Ireland is the land of Riverdance and Claddagh rings. Sheep farmers with shillelaghs greeting you with a top-o’-the-morning. Gorgeous redhaired tavern maids pouring pints of the black stuff. Drunken nights of debauchery.

But with his terrible sense of direction, and his willingness to go where the wind takes him, Chris Brauer discovers a different Ireland. A place of magic and mystery, where ancient gods and goddesses still engage in endless battle.

A place of otherness, where one can be open and vulnerable to the lessons whispered in the silence as the setting sun lights up the rolling hills in golden greens. A place that feels more like home than home itself.

Lost Between the Stones and the Sea is more than just a love letter to Ireland. More than a series of misadventures. It is a journey of discovery into the deep heart’s core.

About the author

Author Chris Brauer
Author Chris Brauer

The author of Lost Between the Stones and the Sea and Frankincense Land, Chris Brauer lives with his girlfriend and two cats in Creston, British Columbia – on the traditional unceded territory of the Yaqan Nukiy. He splits his time between teaching elementary school and writing random musings on social media. Chris enjoys wandering aimlessly, wearing wool sweaters, listening to jazz, and sampling fine cheeses.

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