Town of Nothing
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The Town of Nothing evaporates into Nothing

This week, after years of languishing, the Town of Nothing (aka the Jumbo Glacier Mountain Resort Municipality) has finally been rendered into nothing by the B.C. government. The 2015 book, The Town of Nothing, was written by Jumbo Wild activist and author, K.L. Kivi and illustrated by Amber Santos. Disguised as a children’s book, it pokes fun at the travesty of turning a wilderness area into a municipality to facilitate the creation of a resort. Apparently, the sum total of the Municipality’s assets are one bridge but they managed to pull from the public purse for almost a decade.

Visit Wildsight to read more about the history of the Jumbo Wild campaign and to see a photo of the author delivering a fat wad of papers bringing a legal suit against the province. The Town of Nothing is considerably thinner and lighter than that stack of legalese and definitely much, much funnier. Kivi followed The Town of Nothing with the kid’s book, That Dam Sand about Site C and is currently working on E-bus to Ruin about the Zincton Ski Resort proposal (only kidding)…

The Town of Nothing is still available from fine local retailers and on the Maa Press website.

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