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  • Canadian Women Making Music

    Green Dragon Press

  • If Home is a Place

    Polestar Press

  • Letter

    Letter From Lubumbashi

    New Orphic Press

  • The Purcell Suite: Upholding the Wild

    by KL Kivi

  • The Town of Nothing

    Description The Town of Nothing is an all ages picture book that, through a series of puns on the word “nothing,” explores what wilderness contains versus what towns contain. Look for the grizzly, hidden or not, in each image. This book is a fundraiser for the Jumbo Wild! campaign (

  • The Inner Green: Exploring Home in the Columbia Mountains

    Description The Inner Green delves into the terrain of the physical, biological and human history of the Columbia Mountains. These personal and moving essays touch on both the common and rare and include explorations about the cedar bug, the source of the Salmo River, endangered mountain caribou among others. “This delightful book is about personal…