Canadian Women Making Music


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ISBN: 0-9691955-8-3 Paperback: 134 Pages Published: 1992 Dimensions: 74 × 54 cmWeight: 74 × 54 cm Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,


An exploration of Canadian women composers and musicians from a historical perspective. The book also includes photographs and a series of in-depth interviews with contemporary musicians from across Canada including Alanis Obomsawin, Salome Bey, Katari Taiko, Pamela Morgan, Ann Southam and Rita MacNeil. This book is a must read for aspiring musicians and people interested in filling out herstory.



About the Author

K.L. Kivi

K.L. Kivi is a queer settler of Finno-Ugric (Mulk, Estonian) heritage. They have lived in the unceded Sinixt təmxʷúlaʔxʷ since 1990. They work as a writer, activist, peasant and publisher. They are the author of eight books and has coordinated numerous collaborative community-based projects. They seek to catalyze awareness and civic involvement in Indigenous resurgence and decolonization.

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