When the Path is not a Straight Line


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Ellen Burt’s writing is magic. It slides and dances into and around a woman’s life lived with an intense engagement with the non-human world. Here is language that is lyrical, powerful and engaging. This book reflects the wisdom of someone who has looked with a clear and intense gaze at life and has written perceptive tales of bears, boats, owls, natural disasters, ancient cedars and more. There is deep understanding, some of it hard won, in these stories.” -Luanne Armstrong


About the Author

Ellen Burt

Ellen Burt has lived most of her life in the remote communities of Argenta and Johnsons Landing, at the north end of Kootenay Lake. She has published two books, When the Path is Not a Straight Line, (Maa Press 2013) and What Forever Feels Like, (Ellen Burt 2018). She currently lives in Nelson, BC where she writes memoir, poems, and performs spoken word.

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