Sinixt map (folded)



SECOND EDITION NOW AVAILABLE! This beautifully illustrated 24″ x 36″ colour map represents Sinixt təmxʷúlaʔxʷ, complete with place names labeled in snselxin (the Interior Salish dialect spoken by Sinixt Peoples.) The back side of this Sinixt map includes tonnes of information about Sinixt history and culture, snselxin place names, and ways to connect with the Autonomous Sinixt. Created by Maa Press and Smum iem, the map was designed by Dayna Fidler.

“The specific language of our land holds important knowledge about this land, about how to live here and honour it. In spite of how much has been lost, my ancestors keep urging me to continue this work. This land is hungry for the language it birthed millennia ago.” – Marilyn James, Autonomous Sinixt

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c. 2021 Maa Press and Smum iem

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