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  • An Impossible Fidelity book cover

    An Impossible Fidelity: My Quaker Childhood

    Description “In this lyrical and honest memoir of growing up Quaker in the 1950s and turbulent ’60s in northwest U.S.A., Ellen Burt provides a rare glimpse into a childhood and adolescence centred in the Quaker community, with her imperfect and very human family” Helen Blum, librarian  

  • Connecting the Kootenays: The Kootenay Lake Ferries

    Connecting the Kootenays: The Kootenay Lake Ferries

    Description Connecting the Kootenays: The Kootenay Lake Ferries is the authoritative history of a century of ferry service across Kootenay Lake. Historian Michael A. Cone follows the service from its genesis in 1921, when it first linked the East and West Kootenays together as part of the visionary Southern Trans-Provincial highway, right up until its…

  • Landed: Ocean, Lakes, and Laundry

    Landed: Oceans, Lakes, and Laundry

    Description A memoir with family adventure, chaos, humour, and tears. Landed – Oceans, Lakes and Laundry tells a story of how one father went from struggling to read to getting his degree at the University of Victoria.. Sacrifices the family makes: homelessness, broken vehicles, budgets, and a Viking funeral. About the Author, Paullette Francoeur I…

  • Sinixt map (folded)

    Description SECOND EDITION NOW AVAILABLE! This beautifully illustrated 24″ x 36″ colour map represents Sinixt təmxʷúlaʔxʷ, complete with place names labeled in snselxin (the Interior Salish dialect spoken by Sinixt Peoples.) The back side of this Sinixt map includes tonnes of information about Sinixt history and culture, snselxin place names, and ways to connect with…

  • When We Are Broken: The Lake Elegy

    Description A lyric essay about life and loss interwoven with stunning photographs of Kootenay Lake. Back Cover: “Part of my life’s work has been to truly understand the place where I live and the other creatures that dwell there with me. In my daily walks, I focus on the quiet, always changing occurrences of nature….

  • Not Extinct: Keeping the Sinixt Way, First Edition

    What does it look like to return from Extinction? In this book, Sinixt storytellers and knowledge-keepers Marilyn James and Taress Alexis address the reality of their living culture in the face of Canada’s bureaucratic genocide of their people, the Sinixt, in 1956. Through lively story and discussions by the authors, each chapter illuminates the Sinixt…

  • Blue Valley: An Ecological Memoir

    Description Novelist and young-adult writer Luanne Armstrong illuminates our understanding of what it means to belong to a place. Armstrong’s memoir about a lifetime relationship with a farm on the east shore of Kootenay Lake in British Columbia is grounded in her belief that ecological restoration is dependent upon writing language back into land. “With…

  • What Forever Feels Like: A Memoir of Johnsons Landing

    Description Ellen Burt navigates issues of family, land, love and loss with clarity and skill. Her beautiful poetic language tells the story of a family and a community within a very particular time and place. Although her book is nostalgic and often sad, it resonates with the energy that Ellen brought to her rural life,…