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Luanne Armstrong at the Capitol Theatre in Nelson

Join Luanne at the Capitol Theatre in Nelson on Thursday, November 26th for a presentation of her latest project. Maa Press will be on site to sell Luanne’s books.

Curious about the project? Here’s what Luanne has to say:

“When We Are Broken: The Lake Elegy” refers to many things, not just pain and old age, but also beauty, love and care. Light breaks, flowers break open, the wind breaks over the mountains, and as well, people age, bodies give out, relationships break, along with hearts.
The film is made from a series of photographs from my daily walk over the farm where I have now lived for seventy-one years,The photos were designed and curated by Warren Clark, of Boswell, and the film was created by Gary Deatherage of Lakeview.

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