Connecting the Kootenays: The Kootenay Lake Ferries

Connecting the Kootenays: The Kootenay Lake Ferries is now available from Maa Press

Maa Press is delighted to announce that we are now distributing Connecting the Kootenays: The Kootenay Lake Ferries, Michael A. Cone’s authoritative history of a century of ferry service across Kootenay Lake.Connecting the Kootenays follows the service from its genesis in 1921, when it first linked the East and West Kootenays together as part of the visionary Southern Trans-Provincial highway, right up until its 100th anniversary in 2020, when the existing two-ferry operation is on the verge of turning another page with the introduction of a new ‘electric ready’ ferry with state-of-the-art technology. The story starts with coal-fired CPR sternwheelers – graceful and luxurious in their accommodations – carrying automobiles between Kuskanook and Nelson and then progresses to a ferry service owned and operated by the Provincial Government. From 1931 until 1947, the ferry ran between Fraser’s Landing and Gray Creek. In the post-War boom, the route was shortened to what it is today. For the next 73 years, Kootenay Lake ferries have crossed between Balfour and Kootenay Bay, always ready to provide a safe, convenient, sometimes vital year-round link to the communities they serve, regardless of how bad the weather is.

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