The Ancestors Whisper & Shout: Vignettes and Ancestral Memories from the Kaslo Lifewriters and Friends


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Reflecting on those who came before us, from many parts of the world, the Kaslo Lifewriters, their friends and family have captured vignettes and ancestral memories.

Contributors include: Sara Cush, Gwen Hale, Natalie Weeks, Clarice Caywood, Wanja Twan, Molly Semenoff, Ursula Ringwald, Debra Barrett, Barb Neelands, Cynthia Cooper, Barb Douglas, Linda Portman, Mary Stickel, Peter Chmitz, Margaret and Stuart Dallyn, Laszlo Daroczi, Ted Fitzgerald, Jim Hearne, David Herreshoff, Margaret Hornby, Arthur Sean Joyce, Doug Wilton, Stephanie Leatherwood, Truus Meijer-Drees, Dirk Pidcock, Bill Swanson, Jim Tinkess, Carol-Ann Vachon, and Craig Weir.

About the Author

Debra Barrett

Debra Barrett is a retired Librarian and Art Therapist with a lifelong devotion to the stories that connect us and the images that accompany and inspire us.

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