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Blue Book:
In Blue Valley: An Ecological Memoir well known novelist and young-adult writer Luanne Armstrong illuminates and expands our understanding of what it means to belong to a place. Armstrong’s memoir about a lifetime relationship with a farm on the shore of Kootenay Lake in British Columbia is grounded in her belief that ecological restoration is dependent upon writing language back into land.

“With beautiful lyricism and a storyteller's passion, Luanne Armstrong has written an epic at whose center lies a particular place, a family farm in eastern British Columbia. Through it all wends the sadness of a shattered family, personal chaos, and community disintegration. In a world beset by impermanence and loss of culture, nature and family, here's a book about recognizing what matters and trying to hang on to it.” Janisse Ray, author of Ecology of a Cracker Childhood

“Luanne Armstrong's memoir Blue Valley engages the reader in intricate questions about desire, loss, hope, love and life, and especially how family is always integrally and ecologically connected to the Earth. Armstrong evokes a keen sense of the mystery and wonder of landscape and heartscape by writing with a poet’s attention to language and a prophet’s commitment to truth-telling. Above all, Armstrong's writing sings with a provocative and evocative wisdom for living well in the world.” Carl Leggo, an educator and poet at the University of British Columbia

Maa Press - Blue Valley

Blue Valley - An Ecological Memoir - $23.00 - "ISBN 0-9685302-4-5"

The Gold Book
The Purcell Suite is an anthology of twenty-five essays by Canadian and US writers which explores the ecological wonders and beauty of the Purcell Mountains of British Columbia and the USA. With intimate contemplation of the land, work, historical journeys, and explorations into the complex ecology of this range, this book features a diverse selection of writings united by a common sense of place. Authors include Stan Rowe, Luanne Armstrong, Rick Bass, Janisse Ray, Tom Wayman, Pat Morrow and Fred Wah. All proceeds from The Purcell Suite go to supporting the Jumbo Wild campaign and to conserve the wilderness values of the Purcell Range.

A stunning collection of insightful journeys through an inspiring and diverse landscape. Wade Davis, Author and Anthropologist

The message in this wonderful book, The Purcell Suite, is that the protection of the planet's remaining wilderness, like the Purcell Mountains, is not only a critical ecological imperative but central to our own identity as Canadians". Dr. Faisal Moola, PhD., Director of Science, David Suzuki Foundation

K.Linda Kivi The Purcell Suite: Upholding the Wild

The Purcell Suite - Upholding the Wild - $25.00 - "ISBN 0-9685302-3-0"

The Green Book
The Inner Green features essays and illustrations by naturalists K.Linda Kivi and Eileen Delehanty Pearkes exploring various aspects of the physical and biological natural history of the Columbia Mountains. Essay topics include the cedar bug, the source of the Salmo River among others and touch on both the common and rare.

This powerfully felt and deeply thoughtful book is full of stories, adventure and observations about the Columbia Mountains of British Columbia. K.Linda Kivi and Eileen Delehanty Pearkes have explored their connections to place and captured the essence of the ecosystems of the Interior Temperate Rainforest. The Inner Green is the kind of book I have been searching for - it is destined to become a classic of its kind. Luanne Armstrong, writer and author of The Bone House

This delightful book is about personal discovery and reverence for the Columbia Mountain region. If you want to explore one of the loveliest places on earth, while gaining insights into its special beauty, its ecology and the people who inhabit it, this is a book you should read. Joan Snyder PhD, Wildlife Biologist

K.Linda Kivi Inner Green

The Inner Green - Exploring Home in the Columbia Mountains - $23.00 - "ISBN 0-9685302-2-2"

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